Most¬†technology conferences feature a mobile devices or cloud computing aspect.¬†If you’re attending a technology conference with an Android apps, tablets, or phones session or components, I’d like you to consider liveblogging the session, or even the entire conference.


Liveblogging gives us your prospective on the content being presented, and helps everyone learn. If you’re not familiar with how a liveblog works, check out my stuff from ABA TECHSHOW.

I’m moving forward with this idea after I saw some of the less descriptive tweets coming from ILTA 2014. (Not to mention how difficult it is to follow the Tweets.)

Liveblogs give prospects into people’s thoughts and content, and make it easy to follow along, or come back and review.

I use a fairly straightforward blogging platform provided by You can see a demo here. The platform allows you to embed social media posts, pictures, or other files.

It’s free to sign up (and you can use your information on your own site, if you want). Once you’re registered, send me information about the tech event (including your 24LiveBlog user email), a short profile of yourself, and I’ll invite you to the liveblog event on this site. Start typing away.

Also, if you’re presenting at a legal tech conference, please consider providing a synopsis, slides, or expanded summary of your presentation.

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