The Droid Lawyer (yes, I’m speaking in the third person) has a large number of USB devices laying around the house and office. Nowadays, every manufacturer seems intent on using USB to charge their product. This is really frustrating, especially considering (1) there are only a limited number of USB outlets on any given desktop or laptop, and (2) there are only so many accessible wall outlets.

Those two dilemmas were the reason I was grateful Bolse sent me their 7-port USB wall charger to sample.

Bolse 7-port USB wall charger

Simple design, simple solution

This 7-port wall charger offers a great solution for the frustrating problem of finding an available outlet. I really hate hunting around the house for available wall outlets. Bolse’s wall charger gives you seven spaces to plug in your USB cord. More importantly, since you’re just plugging in the cord, you’re not using a bulky wall charger to occupy two electrical outlets.

Bolse 7-port USB wall charger upclose

My Moto X came with a 2-port wall plug that I love. Seven ports just adds more benefits.

Your concern is price

Admittedly, I probably wouldn’t purchase this device if the wall charger wasn’t free. At $35.99 (Amazon), this 7-port wall charger is definitely a luxury expense. In a more practical, money-saving sense, I’d probably choose this 20 watt 4-port charger ($14.99) or this 40 watt 5-port charger ($22.99).

I’m going to modify our entertainment center to allow this to fit snugly inside and out of sight. Of course, the charger could just as easily sit on my fireplace mantle.

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