There was a time I was skeptical about the usefulness of multiple, multiple-port USB charging stations. Not anymore. After reviewing this Bolse wall charger, I received this Inateck charger. I preferred the Inateck charger because of its on/off button. But the Bolse USB car charger has 7 ports, and I’ve definitely used ever available port when charging my devices.

Recently, Avantek provided me with their 5-port USB charger for cars.Avantek 5-Port USB auto charger

A multi-use car charger

There’s nothing revolutionary about this Avantek charger, but the prospect of charging multiple devices in your car is well worth the $19.99.

Of course, the most obvious time to use this is for long road trips. “Eddie Van Halen” has multiple 12-volt outlets, which means that Mrs. The Droid Lawyer and I can use both of our car chargers to keep our phones and tablets juiced. We even have a two-port charging dock that I picked up from ABA TECHSHOW. In most cases, these adapters eliminate the need for Avantek’s charger.

But the nice thing about having Avantek’s multi-port USB car charger is the fact I can leave a lot of my accessory plugs at home.

Similarities abound

avantek back

The Avantek charging station has a universal 12V DC plug that looks eerily similar to the Inateck station I reviewed earlier. In fact, both devices look awfully similar.

Avantek and Inateck Side by Side

Avantek and Inateck Side by Side back

That’s nice. I have a lot of 12V plugs, so I can travel, take the Avantek (or Inateck) charging station, a 12V plug for the car, a plug for the wall, and a sufficient number of USB cables for my devices. That’s a significant savings on luggage space and untangling my cords.

The best value?

Avantek’s charging station isn’t superior to Inateck’s station, so pick your favorite. They cost the same on Amazon. Just add the wall plug or cigarette lighter adapter for whatever device you choose.

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