Make a Chromecast Picture Frame

Today’s totally awesome DIY project comes from Phil Eichinger on Google+.

Yes, that’s at 17-inch, LCD picture frame running on a Chromecast. Phil posted his picture frame project here, with links to the parts.

I found some of the parts on Amazon, which aren’t necessarily less expensive:

chromecast picture frame

Ultimately, it’s a nice project idea, but I think it’s kind of a budget breaker when compared to just purchasing a 17-inch monitor or television. You can grab a budget 17-inch HDMI television from Tiger Direct for under $100.

Unless you can cannibalize materials from electronics you already own, this isn’t a less expensive alternative. The custom-made frame will probably cost at least $50. Add on the another $40 for speakers and the HDMI converter, and you’ve reached the cost of a low-end (which is what you’re looking at) monitor or television.

Still, the custom Chromecast picture frame is a very cool idea. Now, where did I leave my old 17 inch laptop?

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