Material Design. That’s the buzz right now when we talk about Android apps. This week Google released two new material design inspired app updates to Google Play and Chrome Beta.

Material Design

The Google Play design isn’t too noticeable, but the Chrome Beta material design elements liven up the app. Look for more Google apps (and others) focused on material design.

And now the other stories important enough to include in this weekly news round-up:

I don’t really get Edward Snowden, though I’m thankful he was willing to expose the NSA’s intrusive behavior. Of course, this Administration, nor any other, won’t pardon him for treason. However, if you’re looking to boost your security, check out “Snowden Security.”

  • Futurelawyer, Rick Georges, is the featured subject in this ATL post focusing on his smartwatch obsession. I don’t fault him though, they’re the must have lawyer’s accessory.
  • Conan O’Brien took a little opportunity to jab at the new iPhone 6.

  • Google Maps has a new “explore” feature that allows you to examine the places around you and discover more about your city or town.
  • And here’s a great hint on using a split screen to view street view and Google Maps.

  • These Android features aren’t really hidden, though knowing about them improve the overall experience.
  • NFL training camps start. Dave Schwartz reports that the Minnesota Vikings are experimenting with Google Glass this year.

  • Chromecast celebrated its first birthday yesterday. I can hardly believe that we’ve only had this great device for 1 year. Plus, if you own a Chromecast, but you’re not a Play Music subscriber you can grab 90 days for free.
  • Here’s a post by an obvious iPad lover who just needed something to write. But the reason I point this post out is to direct you to the comments. They attack every one of the guy’s points and explain why his basic premise is wrong.
  • Apparently, Android and iOS app development isn’t that lucrative.
  • Limited calling is available with Google Voice through Hangouts.
  • This is a fun post about Google’s first large server purchase back in 1999. Check out the total cost
  • What do you think about this post on obsolete devices?
  • If you’re concerned with security on your Android device, here’s a great rundown on the must enable security features.
  • And finally, look for this review coming soon.

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Reed Martz · July 25, 2014 at 9:14 am

Regarding devices made obsolete by my smartphone:

Point-and-shoot cameras: Yes, totally replaced.
GPS units: Mostly. I still have a GPS unit which is more durable than my phone but I don’t use it often.
MP3 players: People still have those?
Calculators: No. I use a dedicated calculator for work.
Voice recorders: No. My handheld is smaller, has a better mic, and I don’t worry about someone stealing my information if they steal my recorder.
Alarm clocks: Yes, totally replaced.
Camcorders: Yes, totally replaced. I would like a GoPro one day.
Wristwatches: Absolutely not. I don’t want to fish in my pocket to check the time; my phone isn’t waterproof; and my watch’s battery lasts years.
Flashlights: Absolutely not. My EDC flashlight is smaller, more durable, puts out way more light, is waterproof, and has a magnet for hands-free use.
Remote controls: No.

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