Lumsing sent me another one of their products to try out. This time I’m looking at the Lumsing Prophet Bluetooth speaker ($21.99).

Appearance and handling

The first thing you’ll notice about this speaker is its low profile design. Most Bluetooth speakers that I’ve tested feature a traditional “box” style.

Lumsing Prophet

The Lumsing Prophet is certainly not “traditional” in that regard.

The Prophet has a decent 1500 mAh rechargeable battery. I removed the device from the packaging and continuously played music for about 5 hours, all without charging. I feel safe saying that this speaker could easily handle 8 hours of play time.

The Lumsing Prophet includes NFC, which is a new trend among Bluetooth device makers.

Lumsing Prophet NFC

Simply tap your NFC-enabled device to the speaker and you’ll pair the two. The NFC tag on the Prophet is less finicky than the one on Bolse’s speaker, and is more aesthetically pleasing than a homemade chip. Not to mention the easiness of connecting.

Sound quality

Compared with other budget Bluetooth speakers, the Lumsing Prophet performs decent. The sound quality is good, though it’s probably best described as sound coming from budget desktop speakers.

There is a noticeable difference in volume between the other speakers I’ve tested and the Lumsing Prophet. I found that, depending on the song, the speaker has an audible range of about 20-30 feet, which is similar to other speakers. On average, the speaker can pump out 85 dB of sound volume.

decibel meter lumsing prophet

Of course, that’s with the volume on high for both Android device and the speaker and depends on the song. During my watch, I never saw the meter spike above 90dB. Note: I’m also not discounting other factors that could affect the sound measurements.

I think the optimum use for this device is on a desk or bookshelf. The Prophet sounds best in a smaller room.


The Prophet features all of the basic settings and inputs, though I’m disappointed with the turn knob volume control versus a button.

Lumsing Prophet controls

I also tested the speakerphone function. Sadly, this device performed poorly in that area. I basically hovered over the speaker in order to communicate. Even then, my wife said I sounded like I was in an aircraft hangar.

I know a number of attorneys who use Bluetooth speakers as speakerphones, with much success. This was not the case in three different phone calls. If your primary goal is to ease phone communication, avoid the Lumsing Prophet.

One small element I didn’t think I’d like is the fold out tablet or phone clip.

Lumsing Prophet clip

Normally, I carry my phone in my pocket and stream music. However, there are times when I don’t want carry the phone. I’ll usually place the device close to my speaker. With the Lumsing Prophet, I simply fold out the holder and stand the phone or tablet in the clip.

Lumsing Prophet Stand

Simple and effective. This allows me to quickly change songs, pause the music, or grab my device to take a phone call. I can also quickly see who’s calling or sending a message by glimpsing at the screen.

Finally, and thankfully, the Prophet has an automatic shut-off feature that activates about 5 minutes after your disconnect your phone or tablet. Lumsing manages to include the feature, so I’m even more disappointed that Bolse’s more expensive Bluetooth speaker doesn’t have the same feature.

Final impressions

Personally, I’d spend a little more money on an Oontz Angle, Bolse, or even much more on a Jambox. However, if you’re looking for a simple, budget-friendly speaker, you can’t go wrong with the Lumsing Prophet. The small profile isn’t distracting, and the speaker’s powerful enough to fill a small room. Once again, if you’re looking to add a speaker to your home or work office, this device is a good choice.

Overall, I’m giving the Lumsing Prophet 3.5 of 5 stars.

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