There are a lot of companies that make backup portable batteries for mobile devices. I never actually realized that until I started making reviews. A lot of the products come from China, where there’s cheap labor and an ample supply of goods. Recently, EnerPlex, contacted me about demoing their growing line of charging devices.

The company sent me two of their portable batteries, the Jumpr Slate 5k (Amazon) and the Jumpr Mini (Amazon) — secretly I hoped they’d send me their Kickr IV ($129.99) charger.

Both are really convenient devices, though with a $60 and $30 price tag respectively, I know price will be an issue for a number of readers.

However, let me dispel any hesitation about price by noting two key features about the value of the batteries.

First, these EnerPlex batteries are some of the lightest, most powerful portable batteries I’ve handled. The Jumpr Mini weighs in at a whopping 1.9 oz (55g), while the Jumpr Slate only weighs 6.8 oz (193 g).

Jumpr Mini weight

Jumpr Slate weight

Second, the Jumpr batteries each have their own self-contained charging cable that attach to your mobile device.

Charging Enerplex

That’s very convenient for when you need an on-the-go, lightweight charger.

Jumpr Slate specs

These two batteries aren’t the most powerful storage units I’ve tested. But the Jumpr Slate boasts a 5100 mAh. This is one-half the size of the 10400 mAh Lumsing battery, but it’s also easily one-third of the weight. That’s a decent trade off in my mind.

Jumpr Slate overview

For reference, I charged Mrs. The Droid Lawyer’s Nexus 5 and my old HTC Droid DNA from the Enerplex Jumpr Slate, and still have two power bars left (approx. 50% battery).

The Jumpr Slate charges by a micro-USB port located on the side of the battery, and also features a USB output for connecting and charging devices without micro-USB plugs.

Jumpr Slate side view

The Jumpr Slate also has an ingenious set of holes running along the side of the battery.

Jumpr Slate binder holes

These holes allow you to clip the battery inside a binder, or onto a small carabiner.

I should also mention that there’s also a 10,000 mAh model for folks who want a little more juice. I’m not so convinced that 10,000 mAh is totally necessary, except for extended emergency situations.

Jumpr Mini specs

Mrs. The Droid Lawyer loves the Jumpr Mini — sorry, there’s no giveaway on this guy.  At 2 oz, the Jumpr Mini is compact enough to fit into your pocket attached to your phone. It’s a little bigger than my office building key card, but about the size of standard credit card.

Jumpr Mini

The Jumpr Mini is perfect for travel, although it lacks a lot of storage space — 1700 mAh versus 5100 mAh. The Jumpr Mini was able to fully charge my Nexus 5 (from about 15%), though I’m not sure how much more juice the Jumpr Mini had.

The Jumpr Mini only charges via micro-USB, though Enerplex includes a USB to micro-USB adapter other devices.

Jumpr Mini charging cable

There’s a built in LED flashlight on the battery, though it’s basically worthless since it’s not bright enough to see anything.

Jumpr Mini LED flashlight

guess the best use would be to find your car’s keyhole on a dark night, but even then, I can generate a bright beam from my phone’s flash than the Jumpr Mini provided.

You’ll notice the Jumpr Mini has two copper contact plates near the power button.

Jumpr Mini contact plates

You’ll also see corresponding contact pins on the opposite side of the battery.

Jumpr Mini contact pins

These pins and plates make the Jumpr Mini stackable for charging with other Jumpr Mini batteries. Thus, you can plug into one Mini and charge several others at the same time. Very cool.

The verdict

Overall, you might not want the Jumpr Slate, but you’ll definitely want to add the Jumpr Mini to your mobile arsenal. I really can’t complain about either of these devices. They’re perfect for any mobile attorney.

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