Google has a new game using Google Maps. It’s called Smartypins, and it’s pretty dang fun.


The object is to go as far as you can with 1000. You score points for guessing close, and you lose points if you’re off.

Smartypins Game

There are a number of different categories to choose from, or you can just play from the general topic.

Smartypins Categories

Questions increase in difficulty with each answer. Right answers mean you keep your miles.

Smartypins Right Answer

Get the answer wrong and you’ll lose the distance between the correct answer and your wrong one.

Smartypins Wrong Answer

Sometimes, that’s not so bad. On the other hand, you can blow your whole game with one bad guess.

Smartypins Lost

The game’s fun whether you play on your desktop, phone, or tablet. Now, what’s your top score geography genius?

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