New Website Poll: Which Android Wear Watch Will Win

Despite the massive amount of alliteration in the title, the topic is real. I want to know, of the three Android Wear watches on the market right now (I know, Moto 360 isn’t “official”), which one is going to win the hearts and minds of the people? Which Android Wear watch will win?

    Who's going to rule the Android Wear watch market? Samsung? LG? Motorola? Someone else?
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5 Responses to New Website Poll: Which Android Wear Watch Will Win

  1. My vote was for none of the above. I’m sorry, but all of the watches are huge, all except the Moto look like you have a small TV strapped to your wrist but for all that have a small screen that cannot give you much information meaning you either have to have great eyesight or get out your smartphone anyway. Lastly, every picture I have seen of a Android watch being worn has the person wearing a short sleeve shirt. Since I ear long sleeve shirts (court and all) I wonder if I could get my cuff over the watch.

    • Good point, Mark. I’m not opposed to the square faces as much as a lot of other people are. I think many people opine that round faces exude more professionalism. Since it’s summer, I haven’t seen a lot of long-sleeves, but I’m also anxious to see how the watches fit under the wrist cuff.

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