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Father’s Day is quickly approaching — it’s Sunday, June 15, if you didn’t know — and Mrs. The Droid Lawyer asked for some gift suggestions. While I doubt she’ll get me anything on my list, I thought I’d at least give some other dad a shot at their greatest Father’s Day ever. This year, skip the socks and try out these tech items.

GoPro Hero 3+


If this high quality camera isn’t on the top of everyone’s tech list, then I image you already have one. This video camera is changing the way people capture everyday moments, and what dad wouldn’t be excited to capture his kids. You can see hundreds of examples of this versitle camera in action on GoPro’s YouTube channel.

$399 (Amazon)

Grid-It Organizer


I’m not actually sure why I haven’t purchased this item on Amazon. Laziness, I suppose. But you shouldn’t leave your busy dad stranded, especially if he’s a heavy traveler. There are several different models of this organizer available, so why not grab 2 or 3. Your road warrior will thank you when he can finally find his power cable.

$10.02 (Amazon)

Lumsing 10400mAh Portable Battery

Lumsing Battery

You can check out my full review on this beauty, but trust me when I tell you that dad’s going to love this portable battery. The device features 10,400mAh (milliamp hours) of charging power, which is basically enough to charge 3 phones. The portable battery has a sleek design that’ll fit in dad’s pocket or briefcase.

$24.99 (Amazon)

Nite Ize 3-inch Reusable Gear Tie

nitize gear tie

Here’s an example of another product that I’m not sure why it isn’t in my tech accessories bag. We all struggle to keep cords organized and tidy, and these Nite Ize GearTies are a great solution. They’re also very inexpensive, so dad should have 2 or 3 of these 4-packs this Father’s Day. I should also mention that Nite Ize has other options available.

$2.99 (Amazon)


Chromecast Box

If dad doesn’t already have one of these Chromecast dongles, then you don’t really love him. And if he does, he needs a second or third for every television in the house — and if he doesn’t have 3 televisions, add another one to your gift list. Chromecast is a great way for dear ol’ dad to enjoy movies, music, and even your boring old home videos (or your GoPro videos on YouTube). Check out my countless Chromecast posts for more information.

$35 (Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart)

Rachio Iro

rachio iro

Every dad — except for those who can afford to let someone else fix it — hates their sprinkler system, and having to deal with the stupid sprinkler control is probably the worst. The Rachio Iro looks like a cool device that can finally make controlling the sprinkler system much easier. The device controls up to 16 zones (two different models) for easy lawn and garden maintenance. Here’s how you can show dad he really matters.

Get this app on Google Play

$249 (8 zone) $299 (16 zone) (rach.io or The Home Depot)

Star Wars Silk Ties

Star Wars Silk Tie

Dapper Dad, especially the suit and tie lawyer guy, will love the sophisticated look of one of these 4 Star Wars silk ties. The ties come with either the Imperial logo, the Rebel logo (2 styles), or Darth Vader’s head — I’m requesting Darth.  So, if you’re still “I don’t know know what to get him, maybe a tie,” at least make this your choice.

$54.99-$64.99 (ThinkGeek.com)

Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Big Blue Party Speaker

Our local Brookstone store has one of these on display, pumping out some Kenny G-like tunes. The device sounded great even in the semi-crowded store. The Big Blue Party features 4 speakers and a subwoofer for an decent sound. The speaker connects via Bluetooth and is water resistant. Overall, dad’s going to enjoy entertaining friends and family or working in the garage or yard.

$299.99 (Brookstone)

Oontz Angle Bluetooth Speaker

Oontz Blue Light

Of course, if you’re a little more budget conscious about the sound waves coming from speaker, you might get dad the Oontz Angle Bluetooth speaker by Cambridge Soundworks. This baby’s a little ray of musical sunshine packed in a small box. You won’t be disappointed by the crisp sound coming from this little guy. Plus, there a number of fun colors to choose from. Check out my full review.

$39.99 (Amazon)

Pandora or Google Play Music

Play Music

And since dad has a new speaker system, he’ll need some new tunes. Right now, there’s not a better way to get music than to use Pandora or Play Music. Both sites have unlimited streaming options for decent prices. Google Play’s subscription service ($9.99/month) offers the extended capability of uploading music to the cloud and streaming entire albums.

Swingbyte 2 Golf Training Device


I found this little device as a recommendation from Amazon. I really can’t play golf too well — it’s the short game where I’m dead — but I love “driving for show.” The Swingbyte promises instant — some users reported issues — analysis of your golf swing right on your tablet or smartphone. What tech and golf-loving dad wouldn’t want to merge both worlds?

$126.93 (Amazon)

Get this app on Google Play

FishHunter Sonar Fish Finder


And finally, we shouldn’t leave out dad’s next favorite activity, fishing — I did not mention beer drinking, sports, or other similar activities, sorry. I’m trying like mad to get this company to send me a demo product. The FishHunter fish finder just looks so cool. Not to mention, it’s cool tech. There are some comments on their website that suggest the company has swift fulfillment issues, so be forewarned.

$199 (Fishhunter.com) / $229 (Amazon)

Get this app on Google Play


No more “dingbat” gifts for dad

This year, don’t disappoint the guy who works hard, plays hard, and ignores you with his tech. Make sure dad’s getting everything he deserves.

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