Mrs. The Droid Lawyer reluctantly started using Google Plus to back up photos and videos. I know, it’s a shame that even my own wife hasn’t fully adopted the Google ecosystem, but this is the world we live in.  Needless to say, Mrs. The Droid Lawyer is grateful for the automatic backup function.

She’s also, though only slightly, thankful that Google recently enabled Chromecast functionality in Google Plus Photos. This means that you can stream your photos and videos from your Google+ account on your television. Of course, videos must be less than 720p for good streaming quality, or else they’ll continually freeze — if you need good streaming, check out AllCast.

Making things work

Getting photos to play isn’t too difficult. Simply open the photo you want to view, then click the Chromecast streaming button in the upper right corner.

Chromecast Streaming from Google+ Photos

Your media should display on your television. Simply swipe left or right to play the next picture.

One of the only drawbacks is that you can’t tell Google+ Photos to simply play a random slideshow of your photos. For that, you might try an app like Dayfame (Chromecast Photos).

The Google+ Photos casting feature is a great way to let your kids or friends see all of those pictures you’re famous for bragging about.

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