Quite simply, this is not the week for me to discuss what you’re missing in the world of Android. I’m living “Aloha,” and loving it. We’re 3 days into our 7 days of Hawaiian holidays, so I’m taking life easy, rather than working hard. So that I can encourage jealousy all around, I’m sharing some pictures of our trip publicly, like this one:

Waimea Bay Hawaii

I know, the sand’s missing a Corona.

Now, in other news:

  • Here’s a story telling us everything we already know about the difference between Android and Apple users: Apple users are rich yuppies. I guess that’s just Americans, because I’m seeing a lot of “foreigners,” especially Asians, using some pretty awesome Android devices.
  • This is another rumor about the next Nexus device. I’ve given up believing Google’s releasing a new Nexus 10 or Nexus 7/8.
  • These dimple NFC stickers look pretty cool. I honestly don’t use a lot of NFC tags, but I could change my mind.
  • I’m “cold-hearted” so this new Seeds of Love video from Google Glass didn’t make me cry.

Okay, maybe I did get a little skin tingle.

  • I”m taking all of my vacation pictures on my Nexus 5 using the new Google Camera. It’s awesome and features a brand new update to let you snap photos while recording video.
  • Pornography addicts need to watch out for Koler.A. In my opinion, you have to be significantly stupid to get infected by this piece of malware, but it’s there. Just remember, don’t install anything from a website.
  • But, if you need some “companionship,” you might try OhMiBod’s new sex toy.
  • This is the Nexus 5 Pwn Phone. It’s a beast for probing corporate network security vulnerabilities. It also costs $1295. Note: please send me $1295 after you read this post.
  • Google Hangouts can still make Google Voice calls, and The Droid Guy shows you how.
  • Todoist added some more power, and now integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox. Native file support, baby. I’m a huge fan of this program, especially for power Getting Things Done users.

Have a great week! (But I guarantee it won’t be as great as mine).


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