Storm chasing is serious, dangerous business. There are plenty of thrill seekers in Oklahoma and other states who eagerly traverse the USA hunting tornadoes and other big weather phenomena — mostly tornadoes.

Now, thanks to the TVNWeather team, you can ride along on their adventures on your Android tablet. TVNWeather released its TVNWeather Live Storm Chasing (free) app in Google Play.

TVNWeather Map

Historically, May is the most active month for tornadoes. TVNWeather’s new app will allow you to view live video from active storm chasers — check out similar stuff on the website.

Perhaps the best comment I’ve seen about this new app was given by Clark Stewart:

Android users can download TVNWeather Live Storm Chasing from the Play store and ride along with the likes of Reed Timmer from the comfort of and safety of your Android phone [the app works for tablets, too].

Why Android? Because iPhones don’t care about your safety.

Reed’s team of chasers captures some incredible video footage, including last year’s destructive tornado in Moore, Oklahoma:

His team also captured this tornado, which had The Droid Lawyer and crew scrambling into our storm shelter.

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