Styli are a must-have item for any tablet owner, especially as the capacitive touch capabilities of Android tablets improve. I’ve discussed different stylus types on occasion, and I generally waffle between recommending the Adonit JotPro or one of Wacom’s Babmoo series styli — check out iPhone JD’s review here.

Recently, Ten One Designs sent me their newly redesigned Pogo Sketch Pro Stylus to review.

Pogo Stylus

Comfort and design

I love the overall comfort and slim design of the Pogo stylus. The solid aluminum case feels hearty enough for heavy writing, but not too dense to take over your hand.

Pogo Writing

 The first thing I noticed was that the stylus weighs less than my JotPro. I thought the smaller design would get annoying, but I find the weight and size are comfortable while using the stylus.

However, I do notice that my hand cramps slightly whenever I use any writing utensil. Unfortunately, the small form factor of the Pogo encouraged greater than normal cramping — that’s just me though, so don’t become dissuaded.

For a size comparison, the Pogo is roughly the length of a permanent marker, which means it’s perfect for tablet writing.

Marker Stylus Comparison

Pogo also has a convenient pocket clip that makes traveling with the stylus very easy. I find that many times I have to hunt for spaces to tuck my other styli. If you don’t like the clip, simply remove it by unscrewing the end.

It’s all about the writing

Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of the rubber tips. I find that they’re too easily by a bit of water or a fingernail. More especially, I don’t think the rubber ends translate into as fine of a writing sample. However, with a decent handwriting program like Papyrus — one that allows you to adjust the tip size — you can get a decent final product.

Papyrus Writing with Pogo

In this case, even the bulbous rubber tip on the Pogo stylus worked well. The final product is also one other reason you want to grab a quality tablet with decent capacitive touch abilities. A better  touchscreen will definitely translate into better hand written notes.

One of the interesting aspects of the tip is the magnetic connection that holds the tip in place.

Magnet Pogo

Most quality styli use magnets to create the drawing capability, so Pogo isn’t any different. However, the magnet makes the tip very easy to replace by separating the tip from the stylus with a light tug.

Pogo Stylus Tip

Of course, if you need extra tips, you can buy a two-pack for $7.95, directly from Ten One Design.

A decent stylus for a decent price

If you’re looking for a stylus that simple works well, don’t be ashamed to buy the Pogo from Ten One Designs. At $25 (direct from Ten 1 Design; or $23.06 from Amazon) the Pogo works well and provides a great writing experience.

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