Once again I’m reviewing an external battery fresh off the slow boat from China — in this case though, it’s 2 day shipping. This time, the harmonica shaped power bank comes from Lumsing (who also makes this keyboard), a new Amazon retailer.

Check out this unboxing video for a quick look:

First impressions

First off, this isn’t my favorite designed power bank (that goes to this one), simply because I’m not a big fan of the side plugs.

Lumsing Battery

But I can look past the side plugs and see the true beauty of the device, especially the sleek plastic-metal casing. I also love that the battery pack comes with a small pouch — the side plugs make carrying the device in the bag while plugged in difficult — to transport the battery pack and USB cable.


You can pick up this 10400 mAh external battery on Amazon for $19.99. That’s a fantastic price for 10400 mAh of charging power — most cell phones have a 2000 mAh battery.

The battery has two charging ports, one 1 amp and one 2.1 amp.

Lumsing Charging Ports

The charging speed of this Lumsing battery impressed me. I left a nearly dead Samsung Galaxy S5 to charge, and returned about an hour and a half later to a fully charged phone.

The 2.1 amp port is great for quick charging smaller devices, or  your larger devices, such as a tablet.

The battery has 4 blue LED lights to indicate the remaining charge.

Lumsing Blue Lights

One light equals 25%. Incidentally, I still had 75% power remaining after charging the S5.

The harmonica shape of the battery means it’ll easily fit in one hand, even with cables sticking out. However, this battery weighs 240 grams, so you’ll definitely feel the weight of this battery.

Lumsing tells me that this battery is capable of 500+ charges, so you can feel assured it’s going to last awhile.

Parting thoughts

I believe this external battery is the least expensive of the 10000+ mAh batteries I’ve reviewed. The $19.99 price is enticing enough for anyone to pick up. This battery is especially nice if you have a sealed device, where you run a risk of needing an extra charge while you’re out and about.

The battery comes in a white or black model.

If you’re mobile a lot, this battery is something you’ll really want to throw into your travel bag. The $20 price tag means this baby’s a “no brainer” buy.

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