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Cloud computing is going to be the future of legal productivity tools. At least that’s according to every cloud computing vendor at this year’s ABA TECHSHOW. But one thing’s for certain, if you’re looking for an awesome assortment of case management tools, you need to look in the cloud. Many of the cloud providers are showcasing their Android applications, including Clio, one of the big-time vendors, and a sponsor of several events, at TECHSHOW.

Nice design, but not ready for prime time

The biggest caveat Clio’s co-founder, Rian Gauvreau, gave me before demoing the new Clio Android app was that it wasn’t quite ready. Of course, I knew this going into the demostration based on this tweet from Clio’s social media team:

Oops, maybe it was this one:

That was okay, since I just wanted to see the beautiful design. Clio tells me that they’ll fly me to Vancouver for a “bells and whistles” release party when they debut the app in May. Okay, I might be lying about the bells and whistles party…

Like driving a Ferrari?

One of the tasks Clio is taking very seriously is to design great looking apps. Clio accomplished (or you might disagree) this with its iPhone app, and is certainly heading in that direction with the new Android design.

Clio Android App

The new Android app looks a lot like Clio’s iPhone app, minus some of the more refined “bells” — mostly those aren’t developed yet.

Clio Android App

The app will come ready for tablets or smartphones, which means you’ll have access to your case files from either device.


I think Clio users are going to be very happy with the appearance of this app and definitely the boost in productivity.

Clio Android App

This Clio app will also include some features like documents and billing, that MyCase isn’t quite ready to roll out. Of course, by May, MyCase might have a totally different app.

One thing I didn’t snap a picture of was the lock screen to enter the app. You can set up a lock screen to restrict access to your Clio database. I think this is a fantastic feature that requires a second layer of security for your device. Genius.

The initial overall assessment

Overall, during the 15 minutes I played with Clio’s app, I got impressed by the many of the design features. I’m disappointed that we won’t see a final release of the app until at least May. That delay between then and now could hurt Clio, though I suspect not by much.

I like the idea of being able to access information directly from my device, even though the provider’s in the cloud.

You could win a cool 5.5 million

Clio has one other announcement about its “Clioday Contest,” which gives you the opportunity to win 5.5 million Chilean Pesos, or more realistically, $10,000.

Clio Day

All the rules and details are available on Clio’s site. You can also check out the Clioday videos on Clio’s YouTube channel.

There’s a ton of prizes for the winner:

Clioday Prizes

So it’s probably worth your time to submit a video.

Side note: does anyone know where I can rent a gigantic plastic ball pit?

Update (09/10/14)

Clio is preparing to release its full app. Once that’s available I’ll update this post.

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