Is now possible.

Well, sort of. Late yesterday, Koushik Dutta pushed out this post on Google+:

Koushik Dutta announces Chromecast mirroring for Android

Koush explains how to make this happen, and there is 1 caveat: you must use a rooted Nexus 5. Obviously, Koush is working to make mirroring available for more devices.

Finally, I have a reason to root my device.

Another Cyanogenmod developer also showed what’s possible with mirroring in this post:

I’m pretty sure that’s above most people’s understanding, but this simply means there are additional possibilities for using Koush’s Mirror app.

So, if you’re the owner of a Nexus 5, and you’d like to root your device, Mirror app is available. Hopefully, in the not-so-distant future — Koush is regularly updating his Chromecast apps — Koush will push Mirror (without root) to the masses.

Note: I couldn’t find Mirror when browsing Google Play on my Nexus 5, but it’s available using my desktop.

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