How to: Watch the 2014 Winter Olympics on your Android Device

Sochi 2014’s Opening Ceremony is tonight.

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Of course, since NBC knows they’d lose the ratings game during Sweeps the games are halfway around the world, NBC in the United States is replaying the competitions on tape delay. But, if you’d like, you can watch a lot of the sporting events on your Android tablet or phone with the NBC Sports Live Extra (free) app.

NBC Sports Live Intro


The app’s pretty straight forward, and allows you to select sports and events.

NBC Sports Live Lineup


If the event’s running, you can watch it live.

The app does have one downfall, which requires you to sign in using a television provider. That means you need access to cable or satellite.

Live Extra TV Provider


If not, you’ll have 30 minutes of viewing time.

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I suspect you could ask someone for some “assistance.” If you can’t find someone to assist you, then you can try watching on the NBC Olympics site.

Update (2/15/14)


I finally got around to testing my setup on the Netgear Push2TV wireless display adapter. The device works nearly flawlessly — there are some occasional lags, but I think this is because of my internet connection and router, and possibly the NBCSports Live Extra app — and makes watching the Olympics even easier. I’m loving the fact  that I can sit on the couch and watch, switching between events without too much care or caution.

If I mentioned any complaint about setup, I’d have to mention that since the adapter mirrors the device’s screen, you will see the menu and notification bar while you’re watching.

Miracast on television


I don’t mind the shrunken screen, but some folks might complain — “it doesn’t fill the whole screen.” Just be aware.

Keep in mind that Miracast isn’t available on a lot of devices — that would be the 2nd complaint from some people. You’ll need to check with your manufacturer to verify whether you can Miracast from your device. I know the following devices work (at least with the Netgear adapter): Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2013), Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Tab 10.1, Note 2.


The Live Extra app isn’t perfect. In fact, it regularly crashes, or can’t display certain events (I could never watch Canada v. Great Britain in curling). But problems with the app shouldn’t stop you from viewing the games since you can use your desktop or laptop’s Chrome browser and Chromecast.

Cast this tab to

The “tab casting” feature allows you to send a browser tab to the Chromecast. Once again, this isn’t perfect (slight lags and jitters), but overall tab casting works decent enough.

Note: I set myself as a developer on my Chromebook, but had to “downgrade” to beta channel for stability (I kept getting the “Oh, snap!” crash warning). After changing the channel, I didn’t have a lot of problems casting the tab.

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