Chromecast is easily my favorite Android accessory, as though you couldn’t tell. Certainly, if my Netgear Push2TV device performed half as well (at least when watching movies) I’d probably rave about that, too. Since Google released the Cast SDK, we’re seeing more Chromecast compatible apps appear — a lot more slowly than I anticipated though.

Introducing Qcast

One of the new apps in the Chromecast apps market is Qcast (free).

Qcast Start Screen

What’s it all about?

Qcast boasts itself as “a simple trivia game for you and your friends.” And that’s exactly what the app is; minus the simple part, because some of the questions are rather difficult.

Qcast Question

The game’s goal is to beat your friends to 100 points. You get 10 points for every correct answer, and you’ll lose 5 points each time you answer incorrectly.

Each player connects to the Chromecast, and enters his or her name.

Qcast Enter Name

A recent update allows each player to select a color, which is nice to help separate everyone.

Questions appear on your device and on the television screen.

Qcast Gameplay

Qcast gameplay with questions

The timer bar adds more excitement to the game, and encourages everyone to answer quickly.

Overall impressions and wishes

Qcast is similar to the interactive, multiplayer trivia games you see in sports-themed restaurants or bars. The questions range from easy to difficult, giving everyone a chance to score points. I’ve played by myself several times and haven’t seen any repeat questions, so I assume there’s a decent question database.

Some comments indicate that the app “freezes” after playing for some time, but I haven’t experienced this — longest series of games I played was 20 minutes.

I see this app working well for parties and other gatherings, or possibly being added to sports bar down the street. Elementary, middle, or high school teachers could use the app to supplement their lesson plan — another rainy day activity, and I’m assuming multiple Android devices.

That said, the questions are very random and general. Thus, it’d be difficult to reinforce specific lessons based on the app’s preloaded questions. I’d love to see a method for uploading my own questions and helping to expand the question database. Perhaps even a way for me to select questions from a local folder. Chromecast has some of its own limits that makes this difficult.

Overall, I give Qcast 4.5 of 5 stars. The app’s fun, challenging, and will add excitement to your next family activity or party. Now, time for some trivia.

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You are able to expand the questions database:

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