Mrs. The Droid Lawyer gave me a pair of EyeCandis’s SoundBot Bluetooth headphones for Christmas. These Bluetooth headphones were on my Amazon wishlist, even though I’d already dropped $20 earlier on another pair of earbuds. Quite frankly, because I grew up in the age of the dawn of the Walkman,  I prefer earphones over earbuds. Of course, that’s not really the reason I prefer headphone — comfort over fashion — but it sounds better, and it’s kind of funny.

Comedy aside, these SoundBot Bluetooth headphones are quality devices for a decent price ($21.99 on Amazon).

Soundbot Bluetooth Headphone

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The muffs fit comfortably on your ears, and feature a nice synthetic leather cushion.

Ear Cushion

Although the noise canceling — more like isolation — feature isn’t perfect (when compared with Bose or similar products), these headphones can drown out ambient noises. The “canceling” works well enough that I couldn’t hear a loud truck approaching me from behind until it was about 10 feet from me. Similarly, I use them to drown out Mrs. The Droid Lawyer the kids’ playing while I’m listening to an audiobook or music. I’m anxious to see how well these headphones work on an airplane.

If there’s one complaint about the overall design, it’s about the way the earphones sit over the back of your head and loop around your ears.

SoundBot Overview Shot

Unfortunately, if you have a big melon, there isn’t a lot of give between the ears. I found that sometimes, even the slightest adjustment would tilt the phones off my ear. I’m also concerned that there’s a gap between the muff and ear if you press your head back into a seat or pillow. While these work nearly flawless when you’re running or walking, you might have to cup your headphones when you’re seated. I would prefer an over-the-head design versus the “cooler” neck design.

I’m fairly pleased with the overall design. The SoundBot headphones fold neatly into a compact bundle, which fits into a bag or jacket pocket. I wish these came with a carrying bag, but I just use an old bag that came with a pair of sunglasses.

Obviously, some of the component parts are plastic, which may make these more susceptible breaking. I’m especially concerned about the hinge connections. Small screws secure the pieces together.

SoundBot Hinge Screws

In my experience, few of these hinges actually hold together longer than the device. With my lunch, I’m going to break the hinges in about 30 days.

You will love the run time on these. I gave my headphones a full charge on Christmas Day, and haven’t charged them since. I use them for about 45 minutes per day during my evening walks or weekend improvement projects. They boast 400 hours of standby time, but I usually power mine down when they’re not in use.

The sound quality coming into my semi-deaf ears is also impressive. Take that for what it is though, but I’m in love with the phone call quality and music sound.

Overall, if you’re looking for a quality pair of Bluetooth headphones that you’re not too concerned with damaging, you’ll like these EyeCandis SoundBot Bluetooth headphones.

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