Tragedy Strikes! Help Me Buy Google Glass! [Pandering Involved]

Well, I wanted to purchase a Moto X today. But unfortunately, Motorola’s servers couldn’t handle the load. So, I’m waiting.

Disappointment number 1.

Then, as I’m typing a nasty email to opposing counsel who’s really pissing me off, I get this:

Google Glass Invite

Yup. That’s my invite to get Google Glass. Of course I’m ecstatic!

But disappointment number 2.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the $1500+ to actually purchase Glass. So, naturally, I’m devastated.

But, for the first second third this time I’m going to pander for support. I hate to do it, but I don’t want to miss this opportunity, if possible.

I’m going to appeal to the mass of readers for assistance. Mrs. The Droid Lawyer tells me that I can get Glass if I can raise enough non-household funds to purchase Google Glass. If you’d like to support my efforts and donate some funds, please let me know.

I have 6 days (December 8, 2013) to raise the enough cash (about $1500). You can donate via PayPal, or use this form and I can contact you:

Help Me Buy Glass

Remember, this is voluntary, and if you’re offended by my petty panhandling, apologies. This is purely selfish.

Of course, the next post will be something more worthwhile.

Update: I should mention that I’ll refund all donations if we miss the goal.

6 Responses to Tragedy Strikes! Help Me Buy Google Glass! [Pandering Involved]

  1. Donated $20. I am trying to fund my own pair, as well, since I also recv’d this email! If I can’t get them, I’d like to help someone else!

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