Bluetooth is quickly becoming my preferred method of transferring music from my Android device to the world around me. Bluetooth lets me skip the cords and go anywhere. I’m loving Bluetooth speakers like the Jawbone Jambox. The problem is, although Jambox has great sound quality, it’s a rather expensive stereo.

Enter the Oontz Angle by Cambridge Soundworks.

I asked for one of these for my office after reading some reviews. Thankfully, Mrs. The Droid Lawyer granted one of my Christmas wishes. 

Oontz Front Side

At $40, I’m quite pleased with the sound quality of this speaker system.

Pluses and minuses

If you’re looking for speakers that “blow out your eardrums,” the Oontz Angle is not that product. The Oontz Angle definitely lacks some a deep bass sound, and occasionally misses on some higher tones. The Oontz Angle and the Jawbone Jambox have similar sounds, with the Jambox winning slightly.

I also noticed that sound quality diminishes slightly as you move further away from the speaker. Some of this might be distance, but I’ve found that these small speakers don’t have the ability to carry sound across great distances.

However, any sound problems shouldn’t dissuade you from purchasing this Bluetooth speaker. Cambridge Soundworks definitely created a quality product for a reasonable price.

Some people will also get frustrated by the glowing blue light on the front of the speaker. I’m not terribly offended, but it’s a bit distracting.

Oontz Blue Light

Finally, you’ll need to dig deep for your mini-USB cable, since Oontz uses the mini instead of the micro-USB to charge.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the quality of this little speaker. The Oontz Angle delivers a powerful sound in a compact piece of technology.

Update: I’m disappointed that this device doesn’t feature an auto-turn off feature. I consistently leave the speaker on over the weekend and come in to my office on Monday to discover the drained battery. My Jambox will automatically turn of to save the battery when my phone or tablet disconnects from Wi-Fi.

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