The Droid Tots are really into Christmas — at least the Santa and presents part. Of course, The Droid Tots insist on the obligatory visit with Santa, and now we even make sure to send a call from Santa.

On Christmas Eve, The Droid Tots love following Santa Claus with NORAD or using Google Santa Tracker.

Google Santa Village

Unfortunately, one of our problems is that we have to crowd around the computer screen in order to view Santa’s location. My two younger Tots often get bored.

This year, we’re going to try getting the kids more involved and give ourselves a bigger screen by “casting” the picture to our television.

Of course, I’m very happy with my Chromecast device and the way the device allows me to wirelessly send pictures to my television. For $35 (Amazon or Google Play), the Chromecast is one of my better purchases in 2013.

For the most part, Chromecast works the best with a mobile device. However, Chromecast also works with Chrome browser through a Chromecast Chrome extension.

Chrome Web Store - Google Cast

The Google Cast extension allows you to “cast” your browser tab to the Chromecast device. Simple click the Google Cast extension link in your menu bar, where you’ll see the casting options.

Google Chromecast Chrome Extenison

This “cast your tab” feature allows you to send the select Chrome tab to your Chromecast. The cast the tab feature is also how our family will periodically check Santa’s progress across the globe.

This year, I’m excited to use Google’s Santa Tracker.

Santa’s Village is a great place for everyone to play this Christmas season. This year, the elves added a daily activity that your kids can play as they count down to Christmas.

Google will add an Android app soon, and you can grab this Chrome countdown extension. Additionally, once the Android app goes live, you’ll have Chromecast capabilities that will allow you to track Santa from your tablet or phone.

One of my favorite parts of Santa’s Village is watching the elves return from vacation.

Santa's Village Elves Return

Update (12/11/13): The Santa Tracker app is available in Google Play. The app allows you to cast your tracking screen to your television via Chromecast. If you’re looking to kills some time for the kids on Christmas Eve (or anytime in between).

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