People who love Evernote love Evernote. I’m in the category of people who like Evernote. I appreciate that Evernote is a way to keep and store information, but I haven’t fully adopted (subscribed?) to the “Evernote-is-my-life-and-I-keep-everything-there” philosophy of note-taking.


Partially, my apathy comes from the fact I don’t take a lot of notes — though I’m trying to sell Mrs. The Droid Lawyer on the idea of converting her recipe box — and a part from the fact I don’t really know how to use Evernote on a day-to-day basis in my law practice — I’m sure there are millions (thousands? hundreds? tens?) of readers ready, willing, and able to sell me on “Evernote bliss”.

Well, recently I found an app called Handrite2Evernote (free) that allows you to send notes from Handrite ($3.99) to Evernote — there’s also a plugin for Google Keep.

Wow, sounds cool

Until I learned about Handrite2Evernote, I wasn’t really interested in the Handrite app. I’ve tested other note-taking apps and settled on a favorite.

Handrite2Evernote adds a second useful element to the app with the ability to send your handwritten files to Evernote.

Handwriting recognition looks good

Handrite does a great job of translating touch to drawing, plus the program shrinks the writing so you don’t have to flip through as many pages.


Click on the image to view a larger size.

Handrite has a moveable writing area where you can enter full-size letters that will shrink. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a screenshot of that process.

Once you’ve finished writing your notes, it’s easy to send them to Evernote by clicking the green check mark in the right corner.

Save to Evernote

Just wait a second for the check mark to appear if it’s not there to start.

Save to Evernote

The saving/name your note screen is pretty awkward. The written note becomes microscopic (if it’s lengthy) and Handrite adds its own save name

Saving to Evernote

At this point, remember to change the name of the note to whatever you desire, otherwise it’ll have the weird Handrite name with the hashtags.

Thankfully, in Evernote, the handwritten note actually looks normal.

Handrite Note in Evernote

The parting note

Overall, I like Handrite2Evernote for its ability to capture and easily transfer notes. I’m especially fond of the apps ability to compress the full-size notes into smaller, more compact ones. Handrite has great capture ability, and despite my poor penmanship, the information is still legible, at least to some degree. Of course, spending a little more time actually caring about the note’s content will improve the end result.

Unfortunately, Handrite2Evernote isn’t the easiest, most intuitive handwriting app you’ll use, which makes for some misplaced swipes and saves. I felt “fluid” after using the app for about 10 minutes.

I’m giving Handrite2Evernote 4 of 5 stars, and I just might be using Evernote a lot more now.

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