Unless the program is Downton Abbey, I don’t normally watch PBS. However, while scanning channels the other night I came across A Christmas Carol: The Concert, which is a new musical.

A Christmas Carol The Concert

Certainly we all know the timeless Dickens classic that’s been retold and remade in so many different ways. Most of them boring and unimaginative, some of them fun.

A Christmas Carol: The Concert add a Broadway-type pizzazz to the old time production, mixing spoken dialogue with vocal and instrumental arrangements to retell the story.


We sat down as a family to view the story, and all but my youngest enjoyed the musical magic. I think you’ll even find yourself tapping a foot or two to some of the tunes. My favorite might just be There Never Was Such a Christmas as This.

You can view the replay on PBS’s website. If you need help connecting your Android tablet to your television, check out this post.

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