First things first: did you order a Nexus 5? Truthfully, I did not. I placed 2 into the checkout cart, then I checked my current bank account balance, talked to Mrs. The Droid Lawyer, and let mine flutter into someone else’s basket. For now. I hesitated because I knew Mrs. The Droid Lawyer would kill me I wanted to verify whether the device will work on Verizon’s wireless network. It doesn’t. So, now I’m waiting for Mrs. The Droid Lawyer’s contract to end in February so we can jump ship to T-Mobile. Maybe. If I’m going to jump ship, I need to compare coverage, speed, and other factors, because I really like Verizon, even despite their problems.

Nexus 5

First world problems.

I sorted through 800+ news stories in my Feedly reader to bring you the best “other news”:

Android 4.4 is releasing with the Nexus 5, which also means that other Nexus devices, excluding the Galaxy Nexus, will receive the update shortly thereafter. However, there are some Android 4.4 elements that are available now. Phandroid has the new Home Launcher and other goodies. I had some difficulties getting these to work on my HTC, particularly the Launcher, so be forewarned.

If you want to see the Launcher’s flavor, check out this video:

Where would Android news be without a video from Marques Brownlee discussing Android 4.4?

And finally, there are a whole bunch of Android 4.4 “dumps” that you can grab. By the way, dumps are stripped out apps, such as a camera app, that you can install on your device without installing the actual Android operating system. I grabbed the camera, gallery, and HangoutsInstall at your own risk. The Gmail and gallery apps appear to be the same.

Armando Ferreira takes on iOS 7 in this great video, and this wasn’t even shot on the new Nexus 5 phone:

Android tablets are seeing gains in market share against the iPad juggernaut. Expect that trend to continue with the introduction and release of Android 4.4.

The next time you fly, expect long lines at the charging counter as travelers prepare to get the most juice for their devices. The FAA cleared restrictions on the use of electronic devices on airplanes. Of course, if you want to avoid the lines, just get this, this, or this.

Everyone can play Ingress, which is cool if you have a lot of free time and gas money.

The Droid Guy is running a great series on choosing a smartphone. Check out the latest one on battery life.

You’ll have to jump through some hoops to access this article discussing the move by lawyers from iPhone to Android. Of course, the author forgets to mention The Droid Lawyer, as an authoritative resource. I’m sure he’ll get the book deal and the paid speaking gigs.

This post discusses how to download Android .apk files (the applications you install on your device) from Google Play to install on non-Google Play devices. This is a good tip if you have a device like Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

The NSA found a backdoor into Google and Yahoo’s computer systems. Surprise — not!

There’s also news that the NSA/US Attorney’s office will prosecute Jamshid Muhtorov, using information obtained from its warrantless search “surveillance” program. This follows a Reuters story that the DEA uses this information in criminal investigations.

God, please help us. Ashton Kutcher is now a “project engineer” for Lenovo. I guess Lenovo’s giving out engineering titles to anyone.

17,000 victims of Tropical Storm Sandy are now Nexus 7 happier after Google made a donation.

Also, check out how Google’s helping schools whose lottery allocations replaces state spending budgets are tight.

If you’re looking at moving to “the cloud” for services, check out these 5 easy steps.

What’s your opinion on this story about a California woman who received a ticket for using Google Glass while driving? [Insert politically incorrect, stereotypical comment about race, gender, age, or national origin, here.]

Lawyerist has a great post on making your paperless office secure.

Jim Calloway wrote an article for the Oklahoma Bar Association’s OBA Journal on virtual lawyering. He asks, “Are all lawyers virtual lawyers?” Yes. And you’d better like it and get used to the new practice of law.

Do you want to become a Google product tester? Fill out this survey and application.

Whew! We’re done.

Well, almost. I couldn’t resist one more post about Nexus 5:

Have a great week!

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