Recently, Mrs. The Droid Lawyer hurled her Android device at my head really got her device screwed up. “Everything’s tiny,” she complained. “I can barely see the words.” Now, Mrs. The Droid Lawyer’s vision isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly not so denigrated and deficient that she wouldn’t be able to read the information from her Android device.

One look at the miniaturized fonts and I knew that someone, probably one of The Droid Tots, changed her font settings. A really easy fix, if you follow these simple steps.

First, click Settings to get to your device’s settings menu.


Then scroll through the settings menu until you find Display — it’s pretty close to the top.

Display Settings

Now, locate Font size — default is Normal.

Font Size

You should see a warning if you have multiple users:

Changing Font Size Affects All Users

If not, you’ll see this:

Font Size Selection

Choose the font size that best fits your eyesight.

Here’s how Mrs. The Droid Lawyer’s device looked:

Small Font

Once you select your perfect font — I waffle between Normal and Small — just close the settings menu and you’re ready to go. Now, menu fonts should be the size you select.

Jeff Taylor

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