Robert Marshall operates his criminal defense law practice in Chico, California.

Fun fact: Bob’s office just happens to be situated 19.4 miles from my home in Paradise, California. In fact, I spent many hours — during 2 years of undergrad — driving a city transit bus past Bob’s office. And one final tidbit of Droid Lawyer trivia: Bob’s office is a 3 minute drive to my dad’s office, just around the corner.

But, I digress. The real reason I’m discussing Bob in so much detail is because he emailed me about one of his favorite products, the TYLT Vu.

VU Qi Charger

The TYLT Vu is a wireless charging station for devices that have built-in Qi charging capabilities.

Bob tells me that the TYLT Vu “is basically a desktop stand, with built-in Qi connectivity, that holds your phone at a 45 degree angle.”

Bob prefers the TYLT Vu over the Energizer charging pad because the Vu doesn’t have small and finicky “sweet spots” for getting the device charge. I can appreciate this frustration, since I’ve seen the same problem while using my charging pad. Sometimes I’ll place my phone onto the pad and realize hours later my phone never charged. Bummer.


Bob informs me that the Vu is really easy to use:

Plug in the wall wart, connect the power cord (single pin, not microUSB) to the TYLT stand, and plop your phone down. There’s no problem getting my Maxx to line up with the charging area. As long as the phone is more or less centered on the stand, it charges just fine in either portrait or landscape mode. I tried moving the phone off center and it doesn’t stop charging until it’s about to slip off the stand.

The Vu looks good sitting on your desk — that is, assuming your desk is not a paper-filled mess.

TYLT Vu on Desk

You may also notice that there’s an NFC tag on Bob’s phone.

TYLT Vu on Desk NFC Tag

Bob says that the tag is formatted to set volume, timeout and brightness levels on his phone. I like how clean this NFC tag looks on the Vu. According to Bob, he has no problems with the tag missing its cue.

TYLT Vu Up Close

The Vu works well in portrait or landscape mode, too. “As long as the phone is more or less centered on the stand, it charges just fine,” says Bob.

Portrait Charging TYLT Vu

Landscape Charging TYLT Vu

Clean design

Bob sort of mentions this, but I’m really loving the clean design, low profile, and the 45 degree angle of the TYLT Vu. I find that your phone is very hard to view when it’s sitting flat on the Energizer pad. I also find that the Energizer pad has an enormous profile, taking up a large amount of desk space. Fortunately, I have some extra space under my monitors to place the pad. I don’t know how you’d do it without.

Note too, the Vu also comes in a number of colors, just in case you want to add some flair.

Overall, Bob gives the Vu 4 of 5 stars. The chief complaint is the price. At $69, the Vu tilts to the “not for me” side of the price scale, probably discouraging many potential buyers. Bob scored his Vu at with a 10% rebate and $25 gift card, so deals on the product are available. As a caution, Amazon is not the place to grab one, since they’re priced $30 more than on TYLT’s own website.

Now, where did I place my credit card . . .

If you want to read more about Bob, check out this post.

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1 Comment

Bob Marshall · November 2, 2013 at 10:38 am


I didn’t realize you had previously reviewed the exact Energizer charging pad I had before I bought the TYLT.

The difference between the two units is like night and day.

Using the Energizer charger was more of a novelty: “I’m fond of gadgets and wireless charging is a cool emerging technology, so I’m going to use this thing even if it isn’t really a step up from plugging in a USB cable.”

The Vu is absolutely the best charging station I’ve ever owned. Even though I grumbled about the price a bit, it’s about the same as the charging docks I bought for many prior phones, which are now stuffed in a desk drawer because they’re specific to those devices.

Because the Vu will work with any Qi enabled device, it won’t become obsolete when I upgrade.


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