Writing this post must have thrown down the gauntlet for some firms; a kind of challenge to show me why your firm’s app doesn’t suck. Suddenly, I have a deluge of “review our app requests.” Really? You want me to butcher your app? Let’s leave it at this: your firm’s app still sucks.

Well, that is except for this one from Fisher & Phillips LLP.

Fisher Phillips Logo

Fisher & Phillips’ development committee actually did something right for its consumers, not for itself.

The Fisher app is a simple FMLA calculator app:

The Fisher & Phillips FMLA Leave App helps employers calculate certain FMLA leaves of absence. Human resource professionals and other managers can use the app to calculate basic leave requests and determine how much FMLA leave an employee has available. The app measures the 12-month period in which leave is taken using the “rolling” 12-month method, measured backward from the date of any FMLA leave.

Yes, the FMLA app is a one-trick pony, lacking any glitz and glamour.

But, what it’s the lack of glitz that makes the FMLA app very appealing and useful.

The app has three screens. The intro screen, where you enter information about the employee’s leave request:

Fisher Phillips 1

Including the days requested and the leave’s start date:

DaysFisher Phillips 2

The FMLA Leave app will ask for the employee’s schedule:

Fisher Phillips Employee Schedule

And spit out an FMLA calculation.

FMLA Calculation

That’s it. Simple. Efficient.

The app isn’t without its flaws, the main one being that it isn’t tablet-optimized. The app looks good on a smartphone, but on a tablet, there’s a lot of white space. Of course, you can fix that by including landscape view in any app, but alas, the Fisher & Phillips FMLA Leave app doesn’t have landscape mode. Hello portrait!

Now, I’m not totally convinced that millions of employers or human resource managers will download this app for their phones or tablets, but I can see some general appeal in bigger organizations. The Fisher & Phillips FMLA Leave app is by far the simplest and easiest way to get a rough estimate — if you don’t believe me, try finding something from Google.

I’m standing by my assertion that nobody wants your stupid law firm app, but I’ll amend it to include an unless you do something witty and useful like Fisher & Phillips.

Overall, I give this app 3.5 of 5 stars.

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Note: if you don’t think your firm’s app sucks, you can send me a compelling argument for consideration. Your request must be sent by email for consideration. Please do not post “review our app” comments.

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Jeremy Taylor · November 20, 2013 at 4:27 pm

Great comments Jeff. If firms wishing to develop an app looked at them as “tools” for their end users toolbox instead of promo bits, they would be more successful and beneficial. Nobody wants to download an app and have it tell you about the firm/company; we want to do “stuff” with it.

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