There are plenty of document signing apps in Google Play, but none that I like quite as much as DocuSign. If I suggest close seconds, I’d suggest SignNow Sign & Fill Documents or SignEasy:Sign & Fill Documents.

But DocuSign garners my affection because of its simple integration with Google Apps. DocuSign offers a Google App for integration with your Google Apps Business account. Additionally, the app is free, and allows you to send an unlimited number of documents for signature — I haven’t reached a limit if there is one.

For awhile now, I’ve waited for DocuSign to fix their pathetic Android app. The main problem was the app’s ability to create a secure connection with the Google Apps account. However, the app worked fine when connected to Facebook or a regular Google account. That didn’t work for me, so I trudged on using this method to sign documents with my client, or sent them via the Google Apps internet interface. Truthfully, sending documents through my personal Google account wasn’t much of a hassle, but I prefer not to mix business with pleasure — speaking of my Google accounts, of course.

Now though, DocuSign can make the secure connection and recognizes the Google Apps account. And so now, I’m in love again.

DocuSign gives you the ability to load documents for signing from a variety of sources, including Dropbox, Drive, and MS Word documents.

DocuSign Ink Home

Once you choose your source, it’s just a matter of choosing a document and adding signers.

Setup DocuSign

DocuSign Signers

I’m really not sure how many signers you can add, but let me know if you get to fifty and it freezes up. Signers can also be “remote” or local, which means it’s possible to send the document to a recipient via email or in office.

Signing a document is easy, just a matter of placing your signature in the appropriate position on the page.

DocuSign Signing

DocuSign handles signatures in two ways: first by default (which you see above), or second, by allowing you to create your draw your own signature.

DocuSign Draw Signature

DocuSign Signature Setup

DocuSign works about 90 percent well. My biggest complaint is that the app doesn’t allow you to place each signer’s signature in the proper place. Therefore, when your signers finally attach their signature, it ends up in the wrong place.

DocuSign Signature Attached

On the user’s end, they’re required to move their signature into position. For less experienced users, this will result in a number of misplaced signatures.

I wish the app handled signatures like DocuSign does when used on your browser. From your browser, DocuSign allows you to set the position for the recipient’s signature before sending out the package. Obviously, not having to move the signature into the right position is a lot easier than how the app handles signature placement.

Overall, I give DocuSign 3.5 of 5 stars.

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