Apologies in advance, you’re likely tired of these post praising the advantages of technology conferences, but indulge me one more time. Especially since the praise post answers a question from several readers.

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Law student, James Wegener, recently wrote me:

I am e-mailing you in regards to Techshow in Chicago. I . . . have some interest in attending Techshow this coming year. As an Android user, do you think that it is worthwhile for Android users to attend? And second, as I am a student, do you think it is worthwhile for someone not yet in the legal profession to attend?

I enjoy staying on top of new and exciting technologies and I enjoy engaging in the Android vs. iPhone debate. Also, I would like to continue to be part of the movement to make lawyers more aware of the advantages Android has. I was thinking that Tech Show may appeal in both those ways, but I was interested in your opinion on the conference.

James’ question is similar to others’ questions about the benefits of ABA Techshow, or similar conferences.

Obviously, I’m in favor of tech conferences. There’s a number of ways these types of conferences benefit lawyers, including the advancement of one’s rank and status as a tech guru.

But Techshow and other other conferences are all about discovering the hot and new. And while I had fun sparring with Tom Mighell over the benefits of Android, I gained more by developing a few new relationships. Now is a great time to start preparing for ABA Techshow, March 27-29.

Of course, James’ underlying question also involves the ever-present question of whether Android lawyers should Techshow. Certainly, there are a larger number of iOS lawyers when compared to Android attorneys. In fact, all of the iOS sessions had about 4 times the number of attendees than those in the Android sessions.

However, I expect that Techshow’s Planning Board will put more emphasis on Android by creating some Android-specific sessions—though right now it’s not looking good.

I think that ABA Techshow will also benefit law students. There’s no better time than in law school to become familiar with all of the benefits of technology, social media, and networking. Law students shouldn’t be afraid to get involved, and don’t let the older guys intimidate you either. At one point, they were where you are.

Incidentally, if this will be your first trip to Techshow, check out these tips for first-time attendees.

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