Well, I guess no news about the Nexus 5 is good news, as they say. I checked the devices on Google Play and both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 are “currently out of inventory.”

Nexus 4 Google Play

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Nexus 10 Google Play

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I wouldn’t read too much into the missing devices, but I sure hope it’s a sign of things to come.

And here’s what else is going on:

You really need to get a Chromecast. There is a rumor that Pandora and Google Drive will receive Chromecast compatibility. I’m really not sure why Google released Chromecast without pushing out Drive integration.

Look for more ads on Google Maps as the new Offers integration rolls out.

Samsung’s stepping into Google’s Glass territory with a new device. If Google’s not careful, Samsung’s going to strip Google of everyone’s desire to get Glass.

BlackBerry Messenger is available for Android users. But why? There’s Hangouts. Would someone please explain the allure of BBM?

Here’s an interesting story of how some apps are misuing location information to track users.

Handwriting recognition is coming to Gmail and Docs. I’m not sure how this will work, but it looks really cool. The only catch: recognition comes via your mouse. Good luck.

Go Army, go Google.

Google’s encouraging free expression of idea. One of the coolest projects is Digital Attack Map, which “maps DDoS attacks designed to take down websites—and their content—around the globe.”

Google’s also partnering with the US Census Bureau to graphically display every citizen.

And still even more, Google Glass will be working with nonprofits to determine how technology can help solve world problems.

Motorola has a new trademark: Moto G.

Chrome Beta is enabling supervised users. This looks like a great way to protect your kids when going online.

HTC wants to develop a “disruptive tablet” and smartwatch.

Election officials in the Australian provinces of  New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria, purchased 6,000 Android tablets for voting. That’s either going to be a real success story or a dirty bomb.

Qualcomm used 130 HTC One smartphones to create an awesome 360 degree video:


If you’re an AT&T U-Verse customer, you should be happy. Now you can watch live television on your tablet.

This post from Smokeball gives some great suggestions on handling the overwhelming amount email.Are you searching for someone? Check out Investigative Dashboard.

And finally, this rider earns 2nd place:

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