On a whim, I’m going to start a new series on the blog — it will likely be infrequent and forgettable — called “How Do You Use Your Android Device?” I hope you’ll contribute a picture, a blurb, or a comment on the ways that you’re using your Android tablet or smartphone to be more productive, engage more clients, or just plain cool.

Today’s post, which is totally unapproved and without his permission, comes from Google+ friend, Paul McGuire. Paul’s a San Diego family law attorney, focusing his practice on assisting same-sex couples. Paul also authors an awesome movie review blog, which convinced me to see Captain Phillips and Gravity.

Paul shared a post today that shows his neatly organized desk — way to clean up before the big picture — and Nexus 7:

Paul reviews emails and other documents from his Nexus 7 tablet. If there’s one criticism with Paul’s setup, I would suggest a 2nd monitor.

Earlier this year, Paul also shared a picture of his Nexus 7 home screen in my “What’s App-ening” series.

Paul McGuire

Minimalist — which may explain Paul’s 2nd-monitor-phobia — but who would want to destroy that view?

Good job, Paul. And thanks!

If you’d like me to feature you in a post like this, send me an email explaining how you’re using your device to get things done. Of course, pictures or videos are always appreciated.

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Mitch Jackson · October 23, 2013 at 11:44 pm

Jeff- Great idea. Couldn’t (or wouldn’t want to try) living without my Android. Just send an email over re my daily activities w/ pic 🙂

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