Everything and Anything You Want to Know About Custom Android ROMs

One brilliant XDA developer named nimrodity put together the biggest database of custom Android ROMs.

Custom Android ROMs


The database is a gigantic Google Docs spreadsheet, which you probably won’t even understand. Heck, I barely understand what I’m looking at.

Although “custom ROMing” isn’t easy, installing a ROM from the list can help boost the performance and feel of your Android device.

Nimrodity posted a couple of videos to the custom ROM comparison XDA thread explaining the features and purpose of the comparison database.

H/T: Lifehacker

2 Responses to Everything and Anything You Want to Know About Custom Android ROMs

  1. The spreadsheet is completely overwhelming, but if you are sufficiently comfortable with flashing ROMs and Android’s intricacies, you can make heads or tails of it.

    I note that it doesn’t have any info on Vanir, a growing branch of AOSP. I am running a port of Vanir on my HTC Rezound, which means I’ve got Android 4.3.1 on a nearly two year-old phone. Also, doesn’t yet mention Omni, an initiative growing out of the recent Android BBQ which is a very promising approach to ROM building.

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