The Missouri Bar Association’s lex|PORT 2013 Tech conference begins today, and I’m excited to see and hear several presentations. One of the programs is this security presentation being given by Ben Schorr.

Even though Ben’s “still not a lawyer,” he knows more about computers for lawyers than you ever will. He’s also a Microsoft MVP, again. Congrats, Ben.

Well, security is no laughing matter, and October is National Cyber Security month – does that still happen with the government’s shutdown?

Mobile security is just as important as the protection you give to your desktop or laptop.

AV-Test recently released its review of mobile security apps, giving several apps rave reviews for their protection and usability.

AV-Test Aug 2013

But virus protection isn’t the only element to consider when you’re performing a personal security audit, personal passwords rank just as high on the list. In fact, a strong password might be even more important than a virus scanning program.

I’ve discussed two-step authentication, so it’s only fair to talk about passphrases.

Passphrases are the new, revolutionary way to create a memorable and strong password for use on any website, computer, or mobile device. Passphrases, unlike simple passwords, take commonly-used  phrases to generate strong passwords. For example, “My name is Jeff” could be turned into “My Nam3 !5 Je77”. I just created a 15 character password that would take 4,000,000,000,000 years to crack. You can check the strength of your password on this site. Your passphrase should contain a set of upper case, lower case, special characters, and numbers.

If you’re struggling with creating the perfect passphrase, check out this video.

After all of these suggestions, there’s no reason that your passwords should be the major flaw in your security vigilance.

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