Our last “home screen apps” discussion showcased the apps on my phone’s home screen. Today, I’m showing off the apps on my Nexus 7 tablet. You’ll notice some of the apps are the same, and there are some additional apps, like games.

My Nexus 7 is the 2012 version running stock Android 4.3. I primarily use this tablet for reading books, testing apps, playing games, and general browsing. That’s why the tablet’s game-intensive, but it still packs computing power.

Nexus 7 Home Screen

I’ve set my home screen up in a similar manner as my phone, utilizing folders and emphasizing the Google Now and Google Keep widgets. You can see I also have direct links to Google Earth, Dropbox, Bitcasa, ASTRO File Manager, Chrome Browser, Chrome Beta for Android, Google Play, Gallery, and a recent addition, Feedly (which I’m testing since the update).

I really only have 5 folders: Games, Lawyering, Google, Media, and Documents.

My games folder has all of the usual offenders, including most of the ones I recommended here.

Games Folder Nexus 7

Right now, I have to say my favorite games are Dots, Riptide GP2, and Crazy Taxi (which oddly didn’t make the folder or screenshot).

“Lawyering” on my Nexus 7 is pretty well limited to reading statutes, searching for cases, or prepping deposition questions. Thus, my Lawyering folder is pretty sparse:

Lawyering Folder Nexus 7

I like Depose app for getting deposition questions in line, and Fastcase for legal research. Some people complain that dLaw doesn’t work well, but I don’t have any problems if I use it in landscape mode. For some reason (and I’m trying to get it fixed), portrait mode makes the app force close. Remember landscape and you shouldn’t have any problems with the app.

My Google folder has the usual Google offenders: Google+ Gmail, Hangouts, People, Calendar, and Plume (I know, it’s not Google, it’s Twitter).

Google Folder Nexus 7

I should add Google Earth, but the kids use that app more than I do, so Earth stays on the home screen.

My Documents and Media folders are probably the second most used folders. These folders are where I access Evernote, Drive, ezPDF Reader (on sale right now for $1.97), OfficeSuite Pro, Pandora, and a myriad of other apps to improve efficiency.

Documents Nexus 7

Media Folder Nexus 7

As I said, I don’t (regularly) use my Nexus 7 tablet for editing PDFs or documents. I find the screen a little too small to be useful in that arena. However, I’m an avid Amazon Kindle fan, and the small form factor of the Nexus 7 is perfect for reading books. Oh, and it’s also a perfect remote for Chromecast.

Obviously, as you’ll see in my next “app-ening post” Nova Launcher really adds versatility to Android’s standard features. My stock Nexus wouldn’t have nearly the number of apps clogging up the home screen if I could slam them in the app dock (to the right).

As usual, I’m up for seeing how you’re arranging your screens, handling your apps, and designing your home screens to be efficient. Send your screenshots my way.

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