Two-step verification is a pain in the ass. I absolutely detest having to enter a password and then wait for the verification code to arrive before I can access my Google or Dropbox services. But I wouldn’t want my accounts to not have this added security measure.

2 Step Verification

The 2-step verification process is basically and added security measure for your accounts. The first step is to enter your username and password as you normally would. The second step is to wait for a verification code, either via SMS (my preferred method), voice, or email (not really much good if you only use one email account), which you’ll enter into a confirmation box.

2 Step Verification Process

Despite the hassles and extra constraints (like the time I went to court, needed to access my Google account, but forgot my phone), 2-step verification is an almost guaranteed way to protect your data. At least when someone tries to access your information via a web browser. The 2-step settings also enforce policies on your mobile device, but of course that’s only as valuable as the initial lines of security.

If you haven’t enabled 2-step verification on all of your accounts, get working.

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