This infographic appeared on my radar awhile ago, but I “lost it” in the mess that is my Google Keep clippings. You’ve probably seen 101+ of the many “check out how fast my internet is” shots on social media, and probably posted a few yourself. I know I have.

The thing this infographic points out is that size matters when you’re talking high speed.

Cell v. WiFi Infographic

Now, this graphic doesn’t show anything too significant, but I did like the comments on the national internet speed average, and I’m intrigued as to the reason east coasters use more data that west coasters.

Apparently though, Futurelawyer is rocking the fastest net of all.

Gizmodo Internet

Me, I’m on the low end of WiFi:

Speedtest WiFi

But I have a great 4G LTE connection with Verizon:

Speedtest 4G LTE

How fast are the connections where you are?

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