There’s a new mobile security app in town and it’s Android Device Manager. Device Manager is Google’s answer to the “find my phone” apps and services.

Android Device Manager

Specific functions of device manager have been available for several months. The basic settings allowed you to see the device’s location, ring the device, or erase the device’s memory and contents.

Today, Google enabled the ability to lock your device or remotely reset the password on your Android phone or tablet.

Reset Password Android Device Manager

I like this new security feature, which just adds benefits to the additional security of your Android device.

Enabling Android Device Manager isn’t too difficult. First, make sure you enable Android Device Manager as a Device administrator. Go to Menu > Settings > Security to allow Android Device Manager.

Android Device Manager as an Android Device Administrator

Next go to Google Settings and check both boxes under Android Device Manager.

Android Device Manager Settings

Now you’ll be able to visit the Android Device Manager website. The website shows you all of your registered devices, their location, and you can lock, ring, or wipe the device.

Android Device Manager Location Map

Ring works even when the device is silent, which is very handy if you’ve left your phone or tablet hidden somewhere.

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