Creative liberty – and probably a lack of topics – is the theme of this post. But, I thought I’d take a moment to show off the home screen apps on my two most used devices. this first post will show off the apps on my HTC Droid DNA, while part 2 will showcase my Nexus 7.

HTC Droid DNA (Stock) running Nova Launcher

My HTC Droid DNA is my most-used device by far. I take more phone calls, view and respond to more emails, and surf more internet websites from this phone than any other. My phone is still runs stock Android 4.1.2 with Nova Launcher as the replacement for the Android launch screen.

HTC Droid DNA Homescreen


Starting from the top:

Google Search widget and Google Search are the heart and soul of my device. I use this app (via a swipe gesture) more often than any other app, except Gmail. Search gets me information, allows me to call and text contacts, and can open apps when needed. Read this post for more on the power of Google Voice commands.

Below search is my Google Now widget. I like seeing traffic, weather, and my calendar in one neat place. Google Now also gives me other relevant information such as sports scores, package tracking, and events near me. I talked about Google Now here.

I use a lot of folders to organize apps, as you can see. My main folders are utilities, media, maps and navigation, social media, and documents. Folders help arrange and organize a great number of apps. Here’s a look at the apps in the folders:

Utilities Folder


Maps & Nav


Social Media Folder

Documents Folder

You’ll also see two other widgets. One is this one:

Stylish Contact Widget

Which is created using the Stylish Contact Widget ($1.02) app. I used the free version for testing. This app is basically Android’s direct dial widget. I used this one because HTC’s Sense UI and Nova Launcher have issues keeping widgets working. In this case, Stylish Contact Widget created a direct dial link to Mrs. The Droid Lawyer so I can call and whisper sweet nothings with one click.

Here’s the second widget:

Google Keep Widget

This is the Google Keep widget that allows me to enter a quick message or note.

All of these apps are available from Google Play.

If you want to show off your device’s home screen, let me know. Take a screenshot, shoot me an email, and we’ll package them together in one big post for the world to see.

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