The biggest news this week comes from Google’s Android camp. Hugo Barra, a top Android-team executive, will join Chinese phone-maker, Xiaomi. Yes, all of the Android blogs are all over this news. However, what they’re not covering is this story about Sergey Brin’s split from wife, Anne. Apparently, both Brin and Barra had romantic relationships with a Google Glass marketing manager. I guess Google (or its leaders) really is done with “Don’t Be Evil.” And now the rest of the news:

  • Google+ is receiving an update that adds HD to Hangouts. I guess I’ll have to wear makeup for my next Handouts experience.
  • A lot of iOS hacks are loving this story about the US government’s warnings regarding Android’s vulnerabilities. Blah, blah, blah. “Fragmentation.” “Most widely-used OS.” The same arguments and concerns. Google responded: “The team is reviewing the report, so we don’t have a comment to provide.”
  • Here’s a good article on backing up your Android device.
  • Do you have a Chromecast? Perhaps you’d like to add security system to the list of possible uses:

  • Here’s a story about a guy who got a Nexus 7, didn’t like it, and now wants to go back to iOS. I haven’t seen too many Nexus 7 problems, and these definitely seem like he got a bad product. Don’t let this guy’s behavior or experience ruin your love for Nexus 7 and Android.
  • Speaker plus printer equals awesome. Anyone want to hook me up?
  • Evleaks shows us a new item from Samsung: Gear Manager. The announcement of Galaxy Gear comes next week, on September 4th. Oh, and the Galaxy Note 3.
  • Looking to explore your extraterrestrial surroundings? Check out the moon.

  • Here’s a post on getting more from your Android device. There’s some pretty basic uses, but I’m interested in this one, this use and this one (which I’m already doing).
  • Who’s better, Siri or Google? I missed this story from David Pogue.
  • Google Glass entered the medical field in an ACL repair. Sweet. Now, let’s get this in the courtroom. “Glass, show me information on juror number 5.” “Glass, display my closing arguments.” “Jeff, bump juror 8, her Facebook is full of photos posted from iOS.”

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Have another great week!

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