Long-time readers will know that I’ve given a lot of love to Bitcasa.

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If you didn’t know, Bitcasa is the provider of infinite online storage. Yes, the service is like Dropbox, which many lawyers love, but it’s infinite. And better. And although my math skills are fuzzy, infinity is really a lot of space.

Bitcasa literally invented a way to smoosh (yes, the technical term) giga and terra-bytes of information into microscopic particles, and they’ve made their system available to everyone. Recently, Bitcasa even announced a partnership with Samsung to give consumers access to Bitcasa’s infinite drive for cheap.

Fortunately, the folks at Bitcasa have provided you an opportunity to get infinite storage for even less than their already insanely low price.

From today until the end of the August 2013, anyone who signs up for Bitcasa’s amazing infinite storage will receive 20% off their yearly subscription (psst, you’re saving almost $20). You’ll need to use promo code DROID20 to take advantage of the discount, sign up for a yearly subscription (regularly $99).

I use Bitcasa to back up the pictures on all of my Android devices (including the 10,000,000,000,000 on Mrs. The Droid Lawyer’s phone), important documents and information from home and work, and well, pretty much everything. I never worry about space. I’ve almost migrated all files and information from my Dropbox account, and I’ll be going back to my plain old free plan soon. Oh, and did I mention that your information is encrypted so that you’re the only person with access to view it? Yup. Sold.

Hop on over and sign up now! Remember to use promo code DROID20 when completing your purchase.

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Here’s a special thanks to Bitcasa, and you for supporting a great start-up with a great idea.

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