Recently, I discussed the wonderful virtues of Todoist. It’s a great app if you’re a real go-getter when it comes to lists, tasks, and “accomplishing things.” Or, if you’re not such a “get ‘er done” person, but you’re still “Type A-,” you might try Evernote (also check out this Lawyerist post).

For the rest of us, there’s Google Keep.

Google Keep Android

I’ve discussed Google Keep, so I won’t totally rehash it’s purpose, other than to say this: Keep is like Evernote, except newer. Keep keeps notes, memos, pictures, and tasks. I use Keep to clip websites and articles for my Weekly News Round-up, or other blog posts.

Keep is a note-taking app with a variety of features, and now, with the recent update, reminders.

Keep has the cool feature of working with Google Now to remind you of events when you’re near a location or at a specific time. This is a new addition, and I’m finding it works well.

Setting a note and reminder is easy: just click Remind me.

Google Keep Remind Me

From there you’ll have the option of adding a location or time.

Google Keep Location Reminder

Locations are searchable, and generally based on your current GPS location.

I’m a big fan of Keep for creating to do lists with Keep, since most of my lists consist of “milk, cheese, bread” or “copy paper, pens, envelopes.”

Like I said, Keep’s not power packed, but it’s perfect for snippets, clippings, and “pick me ups.”

I’m also a big fan of the technicolored menus:

Google Keep Note Color

Google Keep Note Colors

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to jot down information, keep basic notes, or record specific messages, Google Keep will handle the task.

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