One of the most intriguing elements of the upcoming Moto X is the active notifications app. Supposedly, this app will sit in the background (remember apps running in the background wear down batteries faster), and allow the user to see incoming text messages, emails, or other notifications without having to unlock the phone or tablet.

Instead of waiting for Moto X, you can grab the Active Notifications (free) app for your Android phone or tablet.

I’ve been testing this app for a few days.

Notifications appear on a white-on-black screen.

Active Notifications

Drawing the icon up reveals information about the notification.

Active Notifications

The information is very limited, mainly subject to sender’s name and received email address, or the file upload.

Overall, I love the app. I think a lot of people, including those checking their phones at 2 am, will love the app also.

Get this app on Google Play

Update: if you’re looking for this app in Google Play, it’s now called DynamicNotifications.

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Paul McGuire · August 16, 2013 at 4:49 pm

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been testing it out and it seems good. I also like the ability to put your phone screen-down on the table and silence notifications.

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