Android NewspaperWhoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Did you see that? There’s rumors galore floating around the Android universe, and some are very exciting. Here we go:

  • Google suddenly invited a bunch of people to listen to Sundar Pichai. Folks speculate that the breakfast meeting is to introduce the 2nd generation Nexus 7 or even Android 4.3. I’m really hoping that part of the meeting introduces the Moto X. Or maybe Sundar will introduce all three. If you’re interested, Google will live stream the event beginning at 9:00 a.m. Pacific.
  • Are you still trying to figure out whether to get the new Nexus 7, check out this post to see some specs on the next Nexus 7 tablet.
  • You can also see the prospective prices for the Nexus 7.
  • If you can’t make Google’s event, perhaps you’d like to hear about all the new Droids from Verizon. Join the event on July 23.
  • Moto X is what I’m waiting for, and here’s a new sneak peek.
  • I’m a huge Google Keep fan. I keep a lot of stuff on Keep. One of my favorite uses is to clip web pages, and keep track of lists and reminders. This post highlights why Keep is one of my favorite Android apps.
  • Google’s sort of trying to keep Google Glass within its control. One of the core ideas was to enable  users to “do cool things.” Here’s a cool hacker that’s making Google Glass do some things even Google may not like.
  • Google Maps is available to everyone. Log in and it’s yours.
  • Google held its annual earnings call, reporting $14.11 billion revenue for Q2 2013.
  • You’re going to see your Evenote app update, if you haven’t already. The update includes support for OfficeSuite, which means it might be time for me to review Android Office apps again.
  • Samsung’s working on a new phone . . . a flip phone.
  • Too bad I don’t have a Nexus 4. A leaked version of Android 4.3 is now available. This also may hint at what’s going to happen on Tuesday.
  • Chrome Beta for Android has face-to-face chatting, whatever that means. Okay, I know what that means: have video chats with your buddy via your web browser. It’s actually a really cool feature. You can try it out here.
  • Humberto Fuentes posted this picture on Google+:


  • Lawyerist had a sweet post on Google Local Carousel. Your law firm needs to harness the power of Google, and do it right.
  • I’m interested in this post from The Droid Guy about secure cloud storage for Android.
  • Did you see this?

  • Google Maps is at version 7.0.2. Make sure you get the update because it fixes a couple of bugs.
  • Although it’s only slightly mobile related, ABC News’ The Lookout, does a great story on finding a scammer using geotagged images. Remember: metadata is data.
  • Personal injury attorney Richard Console, wrote this great post at Attorney at Work about his favorite iPhone apps. Yes, I know . . . iPhone. And this is an Android blog. But similar apps are available on Android. Google Analytics app replaces Fishead, but there are other great Analytics apps. Android has a built-in voice to text feature, check out this post for information. And Camscanner HD is the Android alternative to JotNot.
  • Here’s a look at the HTC One Mini.
  • I have to remind you about my favorite Android/Chrome app, MightyText.
  • Here’s a follow-up post on Verizon’s new Edge plan.
  • And finally, here’s How to use the new Google Maps: Imagery

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Nice article, and thank you for linking back to mine!

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