Weekly News Round-up: What You May Have Missed in the World of Android

Google is throwing out the stops by updating several of its apps, including Google Maps. You probably also saw the updates to Hangouts and Chrome for Android.

  • In Hangouts, you’re now able to make calls from Gmail with a quick click.
  • The Chrome update is a little more subtle, but powerful: adding Google translate and full screen viewing for tablets.
  • Google+ app received a similar update, which now lets you see what stuff your friends are +1ing.
  • I get plenty of questions about practice management software, Lawyerist has this post which answers some questions. I think every law practice needs practice management software.
  • Sadly, Apple colluded to fix pricing on e-books it sold through the iTunes store. Honestly, I’m not sad. This is just another example of where Apple says “people will buy Apple-endorsed products, for as much as we charge.” Okay, well, maybe Apple didn’t say those exact words, but I’m pretty sure the conversation followed that thought path.
  • The Mac Lawyer has this post (and part 2) on how apps can make you a better litigator. Overall, the post has some great suggestions on making use of tablets for trial practice.
  • While Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich still account for a majority of devices, Jelly Bean accounts for 38% of devices.

Dashboards - Android Developers

  • I’m not sure what to think about this Qualcomm video:

Is this funny to anyone?

  • And finally, love Google+. As Google+ celebrated its 2 year anniversary, Vic Gundotra, head of Google+’s development team, participated in a Google+ hangout talking about the service. Here’s the video:

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