Leaks abound of a new program from Verizon called VZ Edge.

According to this post from Droid Life, Verizon will introduce the VZ Edge program that will allow customers to purchase a new phone and upgrade to an new device when they’ve paid off 50% of the purchase price.



As you can see, VZ Edge will launch on August 25.

Under the new plan, customers will purchase new devices at full price, with payments spread over 12 months. Theoretically, as Android Guys notes, a $500 phone with a down payment of $100 would end up costing $33.33 per month. You’d hit the 50% in 5 months.

What do you think? Does Verizon have a great idea for a program? Would you be willing to pay over time?

Update 07/15/13: Not to be outdone, AT&T will begin offering a similar plan. According to All Things D, AT&T’s “Next” plans will offer phones on a 20 month basis. The catch is that the offer excludes current promotional phones.

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