When we took a trip to Houston over Thanksgiving, I learned to love Google’s Field Trip app.

Field Trip


I don’t keep the app installed on my phone constantly, but now that The Droid Lawyer, Mrs. The Droid Lawyer, and The Droid Tots all embarked on The Great Adventure 2013, Field Trip was a must have.

This year, our family is making a 13 hour drive, and we ended up here:

The Taylors Standing at Mt. Rushmore


Mount Rushmore was Day 1. We’ll continue on to Yellowstone, and eventually end up visiting several other National Parks in Utah. Incidentally, if you want to see pictures along the way, check out my The Great Adventure 2013 album here.

Field Trip provides us with several snippets of “must see” places along the way. We visited Carhenge, which is an eclectic point of interest in Nebraska. You can see the Photo Sphere I took inside Carhenge.

Carhenge, Alliance, NE

The Field Trip app works well to display feature cards when you’re close to a feature. Unfortunately, sometimes the app only displayed the information card after we’d passed the landmark at 85 mph.

I should note that if you download the Field Trip app during the month of July, you’ll receive free access to several museums and zoos across the USA (mostly SF, Chicago, & NY).

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