Verizon Galaxy S3 owners will definitely want to wait to upgrade their devices to Android 4.1.2. The 4.1.2 update started to push to Samsung Galaxy S3 devices last week. Unfortunately, whatever changes or “enhancements” Verizon adds to their flavor of Jelly Bean, it’s leaving a sour taste in some user’s mouths.

Spilled Android Jelly Beans

The update seems to break more than it fixes, including bad glitches with 4G LTE.

I suggest until Verizon’s powers that be can fix these issues, you hold off on installing that “hot” new operating system. Or, if you make the upgrade and your system breaks, flood Verizon’s tech support lines with the issue and demand an even hotter Samsung Galaxy S4.

If you’re interested this Verizon community post seems to suggest a possible solution, which apparently stems from a new caller id app or service.

Update 06/20/13: Verizon appears to have fixed this issue with a recent update being pushed to Galaxy S3 users last night and today.

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Phil Olenick · June 23, 2013 at 1:00 pm

Thanks for this piece! I was wondering why I was only getting about 1 Mbps on Mobile Data from my new Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II – which immediately updated itself to Android 4.1.2 – though LTE was pitched as being capable of ten times that.

I followed the link to the Verizon Community post in the article above, and a link in one of those posts to a newspaper article – of all things – that suggested going into device Settings, and then, under “Wireless and Network” to “More settings.” The first entry under “Network” is “Mobile networks.” Tap that and tap “Network mode” to change the selection from “Global” to “LTE/CDMA.” Then exit back out of the Settings and you’re done.

That simple change of one setting changed my Mobile Broadband speed from 1 Mbps to 18 to 35 Mbps, as measured by Ookla’s free Speed Test app. What a difference!

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