According to my Google Play, the much anticipated Gmail app is updated (as of June 3, 2013) and is currently being sent to the world’s devices.

With 100 million-plus Gmail users, don’t expect the update anytime soon. Google will likely drop this new update to Android devices over time in a staggered update. If you can’t wait, the .apk  is here for you to sideload onto your devices.

Overall, the app is pretty sweet and includes the new categories Google’s hoping will help organize your email.

I don’t think these are particularly useful at this time, especially if you’re a heavy filters user and since you can’t change the categories. In the future, hopefully they’ll become customizable, which would definitely make me love them.

You’ll also see that there’s new color-coded letters (I’m not sure what determines the colors) that correspond with the first letters of the sender’s name.

This new layout is supposed to help find and organize emails, which it does to some degree.

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